Finally… a Strategist and Mentor Who Can Help You Design and Grow Your Business, Better!

If you want something different, but you don’t know how to get there, you’ve come to the right place. If you’ve turned to typical sources of business advice, you might be feeling as if nothing really rings true or interests you.  I’d like you to know that:

You can enjoy more by working less, if you design your business to fit you, and take advantage of what you know, and not what you do.

You can work with clients that are your best fit, and create offers where your best skills and their biggest needs meet to create the magic that keeps them coming back, and referring others to you.

You can show up every day of your business, feeling excited and optimistic, ready to share your gifts with the world… and turn away the clients and work that drain you.

You can continue to grow and evolve your business, without losing the energetic and intellectual equity that you’ve invested in it.

Sherri Garrity Business Strategist

Sherri Garrity
Business Strategist

I’m Sherri Garrity, business owner and business strategist, and I work with consultants, coaches and service providers all over North America (and occasionally beyond) to guide and teach you how to design and position your business in a way that is a natural extension of you to make everything about it easier. You will learn how to create offers and services, position your company and market in the way that will achieve the level of success you desire, and have an enjoyable life while you do it. Start here to learn more about how I work and what I do best.

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